Posted on: Sep 20th, 2019 by thephysiomovement

  Ankles Sprains and Injuries  Ankle Sprains are common to people of all ages, and because of this people often set these aside, use ice, rest for a couple of weeks and then return to their exercises. An ankle injury should be treated with a little more caution – here’s why: Ankle Sprains are commonly […]

Posted on: Sep 2nd, 2019 by thephysiomovement

Eat well, work well Womens Health Week  Most of us know that eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet is an important part of maintaining and maximising good health. But just how much does our diet and eating habits affect our energy and mental health at work? Research from America’s Brigham Young University tracked data from nearly […]

Posted on: Aug 15th, 2019 by thephysiomovement

    Knee Osteoarthritis  What is Knee Osteoarthritis? Knee Osteoarthritis is extremely common, with 1 in 15 Australians reporting to have Osteoarthritis. As people age the percentage of individuals with the condition increases further with up to 33% of people over the age of 65 reporting to have Osteoarthritis, leading to a high degree of […]

Posted on: Jul 31st, 2019 by thephysiomovement

Townsville Running Festival    Are you mentally Fit to Run?   Townsville Running Festival is fast approaching! There is that bundle of nervousness and excitement as you may strive to run a distance you have never run before or smash that PB you have been training so hard for. As a physiotherapist and runner myself, […]

Posted on: Jul 29th, 2019 by thephysiomovement

Workcover Physiotherapy Townsville Were you Injured at work and need Physiotherapy Townsville? Often, workplace injuries can often be prevented, but not always unavoidable. Injuries can happen within the workplace, travelling to and from work, or while on your lunch break. If you happen to Injury yourself and this falls under workcover, your Physiotherapy funding may […]

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Hydrotherapy Townsville  The Physio Movement Townsville offers Hydrotherapy services, also known as aquatic physiotherapy, at local pools across Townsville. These services are run by our qualified Physiotherapists and include 1-on-1 sessions. What Is Hydrotherapy? Hydrotherapy describes many different activities that are done in water, often referring to movement and exercise for rehabilitation in a warm pool. These […]

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NDIS Personal Training and Exercise At TPM we specialise in getting people of all abilities moving in a fun, safe and welcoming environment. Physical activity is important for EVERYBODY, no matter of their limitations. Unfortunately, for many people with a disability on the NDIS, exercise can seem difficult or overwhelming, especially in a large public Gyms – […]

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Pilates for Men    Real men do Pilates! Pilates for men at The Physio Movement focuses on the things that men need most, core strengthening and flexibility. Clinical Mat Movement (Pilates for Men) improves core stability, general body conditioning, body imbalances, posture, strength, flexibility and breathing.   What is Pilates for Men? Get down on […]

Posted on: May 22nd, 2019 by thephysiomovement

WHY RUNNING IS NOT BAD FOR YOUR KNEES There’s no shortage of people who want to discourage you from running. “It’s bad for your knees!” they knowingly proclaim. Worryingly, some of these people are medical and health professionals. Aren’t we supposed to be encouraging Australians to be more active? So, what’s going on here? IS […]

Posted on: May 16th, 2019 by thephysiomovement

  Senior Physiotherapist Position Townsville City  Are you an experienced, personable, and driven Physiotherapist who holds a desire to excel in a rapidly growing private multi disciplinary practice in Townsville City? About Us at The Physio Movement TPM is Townsville’s City’s premiere private practice that has a team of highly trained Physiotherapists in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy […]

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