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How to Choose the Right Sports Performance Program In the ever-changing world of youth athletics, it is becoming more common than ever for young athletes to participate in a sports performance program. This may be done on their own, with a team, within a training facility, or within a school setting, but most young athletes are […]

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The impact of stress on your Health and Wellbeing   In 2019 stress is a part and parcel of our daily lives, whether it’s a demanding full-time job, juggling work and social commitments, managing health issues and injuries or just generally feeling burnt out, it can become increasingly difficult to manage. While stress can make […]

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When back Pain Occurs, Should you rest? What is Back Pain? Non-specific acute low back pain (NSALBP) is a common injury treated in the health care space. NSALBP is a sudden onset of low back pain in the absence specific underlying disease or morphology. Back Pain effects each and every one of us differently and […]

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16 Ways to De-Stress During the Holidays Everyone knows the holidays can be an incredibly stressful time. Sure, they’re fun and exciting too, but they can be quite overwhelming at the same time, and the joy of the season can easily get lost in the shuffle. Here are 16 ways to de-stress during the holidays: 1. […]

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Chocolate and Peppermint Christmas Truffles    These little fudge truffles are a guilt free alternative to prepackage Christmas chocolate, and are full of so much flavour.      This recipe is simple and requires only 4 ingredients.      What you’ll need:   1 cup raw cacao powder ½ cup apple puree (We love to […]

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Benefits of Massage  Pain or restricted movement can drastically reduce our quality of life. Old injuries, accidents, repetitive movements and tension from everyday stresses can readily take up residence in our bodies. Massage can help. Massage can relieve pain, restore range of movement and help heal certain conditions. By relieving stress it can energise us […]

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To all our loyal clients, sporting partners, family and friends of TPM, we would like to wish you a safe, happy and fun-filled Christmas. Our TPM Townsville clinic will be closed from Lunch time of Tuesday 24th December and will reopen again on 2nd January 2020.  This will mean our TPM family all get a […]

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Welcome to NQ Summer (Part 3)  Using heat to aid performance: Recently there has been fierce debate regarding the benefits of heat vs. altitude training. Everyone has seen their favourite athletes living it up in Europe or Falls Creek each year trying to get the benefits that altitude training gives. However, in more recent years, […]

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  Managing fatigue in the heat Welcome to NQ Summer (Part 2)   The second part of this three-part series designed to be your survival guide to training this summer in North Queensland focuses on managing our fatigue and performance reduction in the heat.   Rehydration The process of rehydration is impacted by a wide […]

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Sponsored TPM Athlete Lauren Nugent  We are extremely proud of Lauren’s achievements at State championships in Cairns recently, where she took bronze in both the 800m and 1500m. Lauren has been working closely with Physiotherapist Connor and attends weekly strength and conditioning training at TPM performance.  Did you catch the latest article from Lauren within […]

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