5 Indoor activities to keep kids active and healthy

Posted on: Sep 22nd, 2023 by Belinda Brown | Categories: Sports Medicine & Nutrition
School Holiday Exercise


Many of us already find it hard enough to keep the kids entertained on school holidays. Instilling a love for exercise in your kids can be a rewarding family activity that not only promotes physical well-being but entertains the kids too. The key to success is making fitness an enjoyable and engaging experience. Dedicate some quality time each day to family workouts and transform them into friendly competitions among siblings, parents, or personal improvement challenges. Below are five dynamic indoor exercises for kids and share valuable tips to make them not just fun but also memorable.

  1. Bear Crawls: Prepare for an adventure as your family transforms into bears with the entertaining bear crawl exercise. To start, have everyone place their palms and feet flat on the floor while arching their backs to resemble bears. Challenge your kids to an exhilarating race across the room or, for added excitement, create a mini-obstacle course with pillows and toys for them to navigate.

  2. Star Jumps: The excitement is palpable when it’s time for star jumps! Challenge your kids to a friendly competition to see who can complete the most star jumps in a minute. Alternatively, maintain a chart to track their daily personal best. This encourages self-improvement and provides a tangible record of their progress.

  3. Burpee high-fives: For kids seeking an exhilarating challenge, introduce them to the world of burpees. Begin with a jump-up, transition into a plank, add a push-up, and then seamlessly jump back up—all in one fluid motion. Encourage your kids to perform repetitions in teams and high five to keep each other accountable. Watch their enthusiasm soar as they strive to outperform their competition in this engaging exercise.

  4. Planking Competitions: Turn core strength into a thrilling family competition with plank challenges. Have your kids rest on their elbows and balance on their tiptoes. Set up head-to-head battles to see who can hold the plank position the longest. This fun and friendly rivalry will not only strengthen their core muscles but also bring your family closer together.

  5. Squats with a Creative Twist: Take squats to the next level by adding in grip ball. When your kids catch the ball, squat, then return to their partner. This playful addition transforms an effective exercise into a delightful adventure.

Physical activity can be as exciting as a video game with the added benefit of endorphins being released into your child’s brain because of the exercise. This hormone makes them feel positive, happy, and good in a way that digital activities never could! Exercising indoors with your kids is more than just physical activity; it’s an opportunity to create lasting bonds and cherished memories. By turning fitness into an enjoyable family competition, you’re not only promoting a healthy lifestyle but also fostering a sense of togetherness. These five captivating exercises offer a fantastic way to get your family moving, laughing, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. So, gather your loved ones, embrace the fun, and embark on a journey of health and happiness these school holidays.

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