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Professional Bike Fitting to improve your riding, comfort and performance


If you have any ambition to ride a bike comfortably and to the best of your ability, TPM Bike Fit is where you need to start.

TPM Bike Fit is:

A professional bike fitting service designed to:

  • Minimise the risk of injury
  • Optimise your riding position
  • Make cycling more comfortable and enjoyable
  • ‘Fit’ you to a bike which best suits you – one position does not fit all
  • Improve efficiency, power output and economy
  • Address any biomechanical restrictions within your body using the latest STT technology.

Our developed bike fitting service at TPM is conducted by Physiotherapist and Triathlete Connor McKay, who works closely with local Bike Shops, professional Cyclists, Triathletes, Allied Health professionals, and all types of cyclists. At TPM we treat all of our clients equally no matter what their ability.


Why a TPM Bike Fit?

We use a system called STT, which reads the rider’s movements while they are in motion on the bike and accounts for all three planes of movement (3D).  We eliminate the guesswork and assumptive nature of bike fitting.

STT results allow the rider to have a true fit to his or her bike, maximising efficiency and performance while avoiding discomfort or injury. You will also get instantaneous results as time graphs, reports and statistics.

Bike Fitting Townsville


Bike Fit Initial  | $350 |  2 hrs    

TPM’s most detailed and comprehensive bike fitting service for all Triathlon, Road, MTB and Time Trial bikes. Our bike fits utilise advanced international motion capture technology from STT Systems, and is suitable for cyclists of all ages and levels. Every cyclist can benefit from the knowledge of our highly trained Physiotherapist and experienced bike fitter, Connor. This is also a great option for cyclists looking at purchasing a new bicycle, ensuring that they have the correct fit prior to purchase.


  • Initial assessment off the bike including short and long-term goals; and issues with current fit
  • Physical and Biomechanical Evaluation including a cycling and rider-specific flexibility/functional strength assessment
  • Injury complaints/concerns/pain and treatment of these injuries where required
  • Position analysis utilising STT Systems technology
  • Assess adjustments and pelvic asymmetry to improve comfort and stability
  • Dynamic data capture of 3D full body movements to determine optimal position
  • Real-time recording of position incorporating physiological response to help determine optimal position
  • Comprehensive digital reports of 3D and 2D body parameters, 3D bicycle fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry

Bike Fit Follow Up | $140 | 1 hr

Your body will need time to adapt to new position changes, especially if large changes are made. Major changes will be made incrementally by our Bike Fit technician to avoid shocking the body.

A follow up fit is for people who have already had a TPM Bike Fit. This appointment will be used for saddle changes/adjustments, cleat re-positioning or handlebar/brake lever adjustments, or any persistent issues.


Additional Bike

$150 for additional bikes – When bikes are consecutively fitted. Appointments must be made back to back and both bikes brought to the bike fitting appointment.



What to expect at your initial Bike Fit

When you attend a Townsville Bike Fit appointment at TPM we ask that you wear non-reflective lycra so we can put STT markers on you and see your profile effectively. We ask that you also bring your cycling shoes and bike along with you.

Expectations from the initial session need to be managed – not always will you walk out completely pain-free! There will be some adjustments which need to be made over time as you become more comfortable on your new fit.

During your Bike Fit

Initial assessment 

Initially we aim to understand as much as possible about you, your previous medical and injury history, areas of discomfort, and your cycling background. We will address your future cycling goals, and any limitations, which assists us in determining your bike position.

Physical and Biomechanical assessment

Stability, strength, flexibility, and body measurements assessments assist us in understanding your individual biomechanics and physical conditioning. Here, we pay close attention to your feet to determine if you have a correctly adjusted shoe/pedal interface to improve pedalling dynamics, comfort and also performance. Our in-house podiatrist, Christine, can also assist here with footwear/orthotic prescription where required. Saddle mapping can be included for those who have issues with saddle comfort and recommendations will be made for a more comfortable fit.



As a Physiotherapist, an in-depth understanding of your body’s physiology is applied and time is spent exploring any past/current injuries or discomfort both on and off your bike. Here, we will gain a detailed understanding of what we may find during the during the on-bike analysis.


Position Analysis

Depending on the level of fit that you choose, your fit will either be performed on your own bike or on our professional fitting machine. You will be on your bike for an extended period throughout the session with a process of adjustments to your saddle and handlebar positioning to determine your optimal position. Your Physiotherapist and Bike Fit clinician will advise you on posture and pedalling techniques.

Bike Set-up

At the end of your Bike Fit, Connor will adjust your bike where possible to reflect your new position and will advise of any new components needed to achieve optimum results.


Post Bike Fit

You will receive a full report at the end of your bike fit appointment. This report will include observations and recommendations, including all measurements needed to set up any additional bikes to your recommended optimal position. We enjoy working with other local businesses therefore Connor will liaise with your local bike shop to ensure that you are able to find the optimum bicycle and associated components for your perfect fit.

At TPM we know firsthand that bike fitting is a process rather than an event and that is why we incorporate a follow up appointment to check in and see if any changes are needed to make sure you are reaching your cycling goals.

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At TPM we offer the most comprehensive Bike Fit analysis in Townsville – combining Physiotherapy with Professional Bike Fitting 

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