How can a Bike Fit benefit you?

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How can a Bike Fit benefit you?

The setup of a bike may seem like something simple. Put the seat up to the right height and off you go, right? Cyclists who have been around the block a few times will know that this is definitely not the case.

The easiest way for me to convey the benefits of a bike fitting is through my own personal story.

Picture this – a 17-year-old kid, on the cusp of being pretty good at triathlons/cycling but continually getting injured. I’d had about 4 major injuries leading up to this point. I said to myself that if it were to happen again, I probably would have quit the sport. Everyone always said “it has to be something with your running”. Maybe they were right?

Living in a regional city, access to a professional bike fitter with a clinical and sporting background was relatively limited. Therefore, I didn’t think too much about how my bike was fitted. This was until I was exposed to my first intensive bike fit, where the fitter (Peter Spencer – GC BikeFit) said to me, “You know, a lot of your issues are probably actually coming from your bike fit”. No way – I thought. That can’t possibly be true.

How can a Bike Fit improve Injury?

To put it simply, my body is pretty lop-sided. This all stems from a 20mm leg length difference, causing one pronated and one supinated foot (with limited dorsiflexion), a hip with limited range of motion, and a shoulder that tends to sit slightly higher when riding and running. However, after a little while of altering my bike fit to work with these differences, I started to think that maybe these injuries could have been a result of my initial bike fit.

Four years down the track, and multiple bike fits later, I personally have experienced less injuries (touch wood), more comfort on the bike, and an ability to complete longer/harder rides without discomfort. Another thing that has changed in this time is I have finished a Physiotherapy degree, combined with  bike fit training under Peter’s guidance (and externally) . to assist cyclists of Townsville and wider North Queensland community.



Bike Fit take home points

  1. Bike fits can help at any age, skill level, weight etc. – from an injury-prone 17-year old kid through to a perfectly healthy 80-year old who cycles 15km every few days to stay fit. Your bike fit is completely centred around your personal goals
  2. Triathletes – don’t always assume your issues are coming from your running. It’s an easy go to, but have you had your bike fitted by a professional, or had a second opinion if you aren’t completely comfortable?
  3. One position doesn’t fit all. It may look super cool to “slam your stem” and ride the smallest bike possible to be aero, but is this even functional for you? Could you be more comfortable, powerful and efficient?
  4. Following on from this point, every BODY is different. You might have restrictions in hip movement while your mate Steve has the best joints and muscle length north of the state border. Your bike fits will be different and don’t stress about that – I will have to work with what YOU provide to me
  5. It is NOT okay to be uncomfortable. If you are – tell someone and do something about it! This also goes for bike fits, which is why the price for our TPM bike fits include a follow-up to ensure that you have no issues
  6. I have completed a Physiotherapy degree. Why is this important? With a strong background in anatomy and physiology, body structure and function, strengths and limitations, along with my ability to TREAT while I see you, will help with any possible dysfunctions and limitations
  7. And on top of that, you can claim your fit with Private Health Insurance


We spend millions on the newest, fastest, most aero carbon parts to help make our bikes faster.

Why not invest the money in your body first to make yourself more comfortable, efficient and powerful?



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