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At The Physio Movement, we treat a range of elbow and forearm conditions. We offer Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Chiropractic and more.

Elbow and Forearm Conditions We Treat

Biceps tendinopathy is defined as an overuse of the biceps muscle tendon that attaches into the elbow joint. Physiotherapists use a range of treatments including massage, strapping, dry needling, taping

Golfer’s elbow, also known as medial epicondylitis is defined as an overuse of the common tendon that attaches into the inner aspect of the elbow (medial epicondyle).

The medial collateral ligament of the elbow (MCL), is not to be mistaken with the identically named ligament in the knee. A MCL sprain is defined as the overstretching or tearing of the ligament on the inner aspect of the elbow.

Olecranon bursitis, otherwise known as primary teachers elbow or students elbow is defined as an inflammation to the olecranon bursa which is located on the point of the elbow.

Tennis elbow is also known as lateral epicondylitis or common extensor tendinopathy. Tendons are structures that attach a muscle to bone and in the case of tennis elbow the extensor muscle group attach via a common tendon to the outside of the elbow (lateral epicondyle).

Ulna nerve compression occurs where there is pressure being place on the ulna nerve along its pathway, which usually occurs as it hooks underneath the elbow.

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