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Hip and Upper Leg Conditions We Treat

FAI is a condition where the femoral head (top of the long thigh bone) or the socket (acetabulum) are abnormal. This results in the progressive injury to the cartilage. With the abnormal shaping of the hip joint, the thigh bone compresses against the socket causing damage. This compressive force leads to premature osteoarthritic changes in the hip joint.

A fractured hip generally refers to a break in the upper 1/3rd of the femur (thigh bone), otherwise known as the femoral neck.

A hamstring strain is where there is an increase tension in the muscle at the back of the thigh, which results in muscle fibre failure and tearing.

A labral tear is defined as a tearing of the connective tissue within the hip joint. Prognosis following a labral tear can vary significantly. Minor tears can resolve quickly and a return to sport can be possible in 3-6 weeks. If surgery is required it may be a 3-9 month recovery depending on the damage to the labrum and surgical intervention.

Osteitis Pubis (OP) is classified as an overuse injury and inflammatory response at the pubic symphysis, which is the joint between the right and left pubic bones.

Hip arthritis is classified by the degeneration or eroding of the hip joint surfaces or protective cartilage. As we age the cartilage properties change leading to a loss of healthy proteins. The cushion between the bones decreases, causing friction and irritation between the joints which results in inflammation.

Adductor tendinopathy can be classified as an overuse condition over an adductor (groin) muscle tendon, which leads to disrepair and further degeneration.

Trochanteric bursitis is an inflammation of the small sack of lubricating fluid on the side of the hip.

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