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Post Surgical Rehab Townsville

Have you recently had Surgery?

Unfortunately the success of your recent surgery doesn’t finish when you leave the operating theatre. After most kinds of surgery there is a period of time in which rehabilitation is vitally important so that you can maximise the benefits of the surgery. At The Physio Movement we have the knowledge, experience and exceptional facilities to maximise your post surgical rehabilitation of your patients. Our facilities have every bit of equipment you will need in your rehabilitation journey, which gives our patients that point of difference and leads to improved outcomes whether they be return to elite level sport or everyday activities

Some Common Surgeries Requiring Post-Operative Care Include:

  • Ankle & Foot: Reconstruction, Ligament Repairs, Arthroscope,
  • Knee: ACL Reconstruction, Meniscus Repairs, Total Knee Replacements, Arthroscope, Chondroplasty
  • Hip: Total Hip Replacements, FAI Repairs, Arthroscope
  • Spinal: Fusion, Laminectomy, Decompression
  • Hand & Wrist: Fractures, Tendon Repairs, Scaphoid Repair, Carpal Tunnel Release
  • Elbow: Fracture, Tenotomy for Tennis and Golf’s Elbow
  • Shoulder: Rotator Cuff Repair, SLAP Repair, Reconstruction, Acromioplasty, Stabilization

The Age Old Philosophy:

At The Physio Movement we adhere to the age-old philosophy that ‘prevention is better than cure’ or as we say ‘pre-habilitation is better than rehabilitation’, in other words we will do everything to help you avoid surgery.  At TPM we see a lot of patients present with injury from:

  • Doing too much too fast.
  • Poor recovery between sessions.
  • Doing the wrong exercises with poor form.
  • Completing high-end exercise techniques when a solid foundation hasn’t been established e.g. ‘walking before they can crawl’.
  • Not taking a whole body approach e.g. just doing upper body weights.
  • Doing plyometric, high intensity based exercises when the body isn’t ready e.g. cross fit style workouts.

TPM believes many of these injuries are preventable with efficient musculoskeletal screening and injury prevention programs offered from our Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Chiropractors and Podiatrist. 

These programs take advantage of our advanced Biomechanical analysis tools and tests to ensure the right person gets the right exercises.

Post Shoulder Surgery

Post Surgery Programs:

TPM also offers many other programs including:

  • Pre and post surgical rehabilitation.
  • Injury specific rehabilitation.
  • Strengthening for seniors.
  • Movement for osteoarthritis.
  • Sports pre-habilitation and rehabilitation.
  • General fitness programs.
  • Living with diabetes.
  • Working out as a woman.
  • Working out for weight loss.

Key Features Of  TPM Rehabilitation:

Some key features of a TPM program include

  • Realistic goal setting
  • Sustainable results
  • Foundation before progression
  • Regular milestone reviews
  • Private gym
  • Fun and variety
  • Access to a multidiscipline health clinic
  • Communication with other services e.g. doctors/surgeons.
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