Thoracic Spine

Treatment at The Physio Movement Townsville

At The Physio Movement, we treat a range of thoracic spine conditions.

We offer Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Chiropractic and more.

Thoracic Spine Conditions We Treat

A costovertebral joint (CVJ) sprain can be defined as an irritation, dysfunction, rotated or compressed joint at the location where the thoracic spine connects to the rib, known as the CVJ.

The body has an optimal position that helps maintain equilibrium and homeostasis. When changes occur or the body makes adaptations to poor body positioning pain behaviours will develop along with tightness, stiffness and nerve related symptoms.

A facet joint sprain can be defined as an irritation, dysfunction, rotation or compression at the specific spinal joint that connects one vertebra to another, either above or below.

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