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Posted on: Nov 2nd, 2023 by Belinda Brown | Categories: Sports Medicine & Nutrition

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Did you know that half the Australian population will develop at least one mental health disorder in their lifetime? 
With November being Men’s Health Month, it’s the perfect time to check in mentally with yourself and those around you. 
One of the simplest but most effective ways to help you feel better is exercising!
Exercise releases ‘feel-good’ chemicals in your brain, such as serotonin and endorphins, which can help improve your mood and mindset. 
Exercising regularly can help you manage stress, improve your sleep, boost your mental well-being, and help to protect against mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

Movement is medicine for men’s mental health

Currently in Australia, one in eight men will experience depression, one in five will experience anxiety and six men a day will die by suicide. With the pandemic having affected the day-to-day lives of so many Australians for many years, mental health experts are warning that the prevalence of these mental health conditions could increase substantially over the coming months and years.
“It’s never been more important for blokes to stay active,” says ESSA National Board Director and mental health researcher, Associate Professor Simon Rosenbaum.

“We know that as little as one hour of exercise a week can help to protect against depression and that living an active lifestyle is one of the best ways to improve your mental well-being.”

Regular exercise can help to improve sleep patterns, help individuals to manage stress, reduce the risk of mental illness and improve mood. It is also vital for those who are living with mental health conditions, like depression and anxiety, as it can help to manage the severity of symptoms and to reduce the risk of future incidences.

Despite the health benefits of exercise, only 17% of males aged 18 – 64 meet the national Physical Activity Guidelines. ESSA is urging Aussie men that now is the time to work together to increase their physical activity levels and make both their physical and mental health a priority.

“We can all work together to help improve the men’s mental health. By turning to friends, family and the local community for support, and by working with an accredited exercise professional, every Aussie bloke has the ability to live a healthier and more active lifestyle, regardless of their age, fitness level or health status”.

Five ways men can easily stay active:

  1. Incorporate daily walks: Make walking a regular part of your routine. You can start with short walks and gradually increase the duration and intensity. Walking is a low-impact exercise that’s easy to fit into your schedule.

  2. Find a physical hobby: Engage in activities you enjoy, such as playing a sport, cycling, swimming, or dancing. When you’re having fun, staying active doesn’t feel like a chore.

  3. Home workouts: You can perform bodyweight exercises like push-ups, squats, and planks at home, which require minimal equipment. There are also many workout apps and online resources to guide you.

  4. Take the stairs: Opt for stairs instead of elevators or escalators whenever possible. This simple change can help you incorporate more physical activity into your daily life.

  5. Set fitness goals: Establish specific fitness goals, whether it’s running a certain distance, lifting a particular weight, or achieving a certain level of flexibility. Having goals can motivate you to stay active and track your progress.

TPM can help you incorporate activities that you enjoy and can easily add to your daily life. Schedule an Exercise Physiology appointment with TPM, (07) 4740 4516, and begin living your healthiest version. 



*Exercise Right – ESSA 

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