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The NDIS has given you funds to access Physiotherapy services in relation to your NDIS goals but how do you choose a Physio?

It is important for you to know how your NDIS plan is managed.

If you are NDIS/Agency managed, then you can only access physiotherapists that are NDIS registered. Always make sure you ask your physiotherapist if they are NDIS registered. If they aren’t then the NDIS will not fund your appointments with them.

If you are plan managed, then you can access any physiotherapist you like – and the invoices for the appointments you attend will be sent to your plan managers for payments.

If you are self-managed, you can also access any physiotherapist that you like, and the invoices are given to you for payment. You can either ask the physiotherapist to give you one big invoice (for multiple sessions) so that you can put it through your portal and receive the funds into your bank for payment. Or you can pay the invoices up front yourself and receive a reimbursement from the NDIS.

Find a physio who specialises or has experience in your condition.

Different physiotherapists specialise in different areas of the body, different conditions, different injuries and fields of study. Although physiotherapists receive rounded training and can treat a huge number of common issues and injuries, it’s totally okay to ask the clinic you’ve chosen if there’s someone who specialises in your particular injury or condition. This means they’ll have that extra edge (and all-important interest) when forming a treatment plan.

Look for a physio who you feel comfortable with.

You’ll be seeing your physio regularly, for a potentially long period of time, and you’re likely to have both good days and bad days throughout your treatment journey, so you need to find a physio you can trust and build a solid relationship with. They’re going to help motivate you on your bad days, and cheer you on through your good days, after all! If you don’t feel comfortable with your physio, it’s okay to try someone new until you find the right person.

Ask which treatments they might use.

Physiotherapists are trained to use a variety of treatment methods – musculoskeletal manipulation, clinical Pilates, dry needling, massage, and simple education.

Here at TPM, we use technology to accurately assess and monitor our patient’s progress to ensure their treatment plans are effective and tailored to each individual. Our patients use apps to complete their exercises, which can be tracked on their mobile app so they can see their progress in real time.

Whether you are interested in trying out new forms of healthcare technology, or prefer a more traditional approach, you need to find a physiotherapist that uses the right treatment for you.

And if you want to know more…

If you are or know someone who is need of a physiotherapist that can support NDIS plan or self-managed clients; we can help you here at The Physio Movement

Our team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have in regard to the treatments we offer or anything related to your NDIS plan.

You can simply book your initial NDIS Physiotherapy appointment online here, or call 1300 876 348 to speak with our friendly team.



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