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As a leading Physiotherapy clinic in Townsville, did you know we have female Physiotherapists who are passionate about women’s health and continence?

Women’s health professionals are often a well-kept secret. Most women only find out about these special female services after childbirth, when problems start occurring or from a GP referral.

From a range of ages, women can be faced with an array of health issues; Injury, trauma, illness, and as we begin our middle ages, complex changes begin. Natural changes in pregnancy, menstruation and menopause can significantly affect the female body and a large percentage of women believe that there is nothing that can be done to assist. For many cases, this is not the answer and our healthcare modalities can assist.

Issues a Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Women’s Health Chiropractor can assist with:

A health professional who is passionate and who has undertaken additional Women’s Health training, can help manage your concerns and conditions and any related health challenges. At The Physio Movement Women’s Health, our practitioners work closely with local GP’s, specialists, mid wives and as a part of your whole treatment team.

What is a Women’s Health appointment?

Women’s Health appointments at The Physio Movement begin with a thorough assessment, of your concern. Followed by an in-depth discussion about the most effective treatment technique recommended for your health issue, pain, or discomfort.

From here a diagnosis and treatment plan is created in line with modern evidence-based practice, and is delivered in our confidential, safe and supportive environment.

Treatment may involve internal examination (if required and consented to), gentle pelvic manipulation, simple exercises, or soft tissue massage. If applicable, rehabilitation activities may be recommended such as a guided exercise programs with an Exercise Physiologist  or Clinical Pilates.

A big part of our consultation involves arming women with knowledge about what is going on with your body, so that you walk out of our health care clinic feeling much more empowered than when you went in. 

For example, a Physiotherapy session for urinary incontinence might include:

  • A pelvic floor examination
  • Practical tips and exercise to reduce urinary frequency and urgency
  • Information about avoiding irritation to the bladder
  • Garments, belts, tools to assist your condition
  • Take home exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

The goal of your appointment is to assist you in identifying, retraining, repairing and exercising internal muscles within the pelvic floor, assisting in improving your quality of life and allowing you to enjoy all the things you love most.


Men, it’s not all about the ladies. Did you know that we also have Physiotherapists who are trained in Men’s Health Physiotherapy? 


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