Returning to Running Post Injury

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As a sports clinic passionate about running, our goal is to get runners back to doing what they love most following an injury – Running!   

For many serious injuries, this is often a slow process where patience and rehab compliance is required.

One of the most common mistakes we see runners make is when they return to running from injury, too soon and doing too much. This is usually due to a lack of proper understanding of their injury (the actual cause, and how long it had been brewing before becoming symptomatic), or being misdiagnosed.  

The below return to running protocol is for a patient post pelvic stress fracture (weeks 1-6). We have been working closely with this client since her initial injury and it will be close to three months until she is back running quality kilometres. 

The client was informed to remain patient during this slow return, minimise hills and speed work for the time-being and focus on how the pelvis feels during, post and the following morning after running. 

Week 1: 
3 x 9min walk / 1min run 

Week 2:
3 x 8min walk / 2min run

Week 3: 
4 x 7min walk / 3min run
4 x 7min walk / 4min run
5 x 6min walk / 4min run

Week 4:
6 x 5min walk / 5min run
6 x 5min walk / 6min run
6 x 4min walk / 7min run

Week 5: 
4 x 4min walk / 8min run
5 x 3min walk / 8min run
6 x 3min walk / 8min run

Week 6: 
3 x 2min walk / 10min run
4 x 2min walk / 10min run
5 x 2min walk / 12min run


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