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Pilates Townsville

Real men do Pilates!

Pilates for men at The Physio Movement focuses on the things that men need most, core strengthening and flexibility.

Clinical Mat Movement (Pilates for Men) improves core stability, general body conditioning, body imbalances, posture, strength, flexibility and breathing.

What is Pilates for Men?

Get down on your TPM mat for a no fuss, no frills Pilates inspired workout tailored for men but still open for women to attend. Your one hour class is designed to develop body awareness from the inside out, with the control to build strength, flexibility and an injury-resistant core.

All classes with our Clinical Mat Movement Physiotherapist start with breath awareness and deep abdominal engagement to set a sound base for beginners and more experienced participants alike.

Pilates rings, balls and bands are used with exercises to add resistance, whilst focusing on Injury prevention (or rehabilitation) precision and control. Emphasis is given to improving spinal and hip mobility and flexibility in the hamstrings. Progressions and modifications are given for all exercises as required.

No previous Pilates experience necessary but a Pre Pilates assessment (This is Gap Free when a 10 pass class is purchased) is required if you are new to exercise or recovering from injury.

As our Pilates for Men classes are run by our physiotherapists, the cost of the class can be claimed under your private health cover.

Clinical Pilates for Men

Pilates for Men Classes in Townsville (women can attend these sessions too)

Drop In classes (Health care claimable – Only $20 per Class)
Bookings are required and can be booked online anytime under ‘group classes’ 
Tuesday: 5:30pm
Thursday: 9:30am

What to bring to your first Pilates Class?

• Towel

• Water Bottle

• Mat (if you would like your own, or we have plenty)

“This is as tough as any sit-up or ‘dish hold’ I’ve done at Crossfit, but the focus on breathing distracts me so my core strength tightens as my mind further loosens.”

Let’s begin – Book your Mat Movement assessment (previously known as pre pilates assessment) here, or call 1300 876 348 or email info@thephysiomovement.com.au to reserve your Pilates for Men (Mat Movement class).

Spots are limited!


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