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Townsville Chiropractic Assessment

Spinal Screens for City Desk Workers

Do you spend your days in an office sitting at a desk, hunched over a filing cabinet, or find yourself in strange neck positions whilst on the phone?

If you’re a desk worker, then aches and pains associated with the extended periods of sitting and hunching over computer desks may be familiar. A recent study has shown that up to 89% of office workers suffer from some type of musculoskeletal pain. Most of the time the pain starts as a dull ache while you work so you leave it untreated. However, being left may develop into a repetitive motion injury or a more chronic condition.

If you have noticed neck, back, shoulder, wrist or knee pain recently whilst at work, early treatment can reduce your risk of further injury and greater damage.

TPM Chiropractic aims to reduce work related injuries and further assists with take home rehabilitation and strengthening techniques. We also work on education to help you gain better knowledge of desk/office ergonomics.

What is a Free spinal screen?

The Physio Movement’s free spinal health assessment is a no obligation examination and all you need is 15 minutes

During your appointment a TPM Chiropractor will

  • Use various painless, gentle and non-invasive techniques to conduct a thorough spinal examination
  • Answer any questions you have regarding your spine health
  • Discuss issues you might have causing you back pain, neck pain, headaches etc.
  • This may be followed by a brief fully clothed examination of the spine in the form of the Chiropractor touching the back to feel for any abnormalities.

If Chiropractic can’t help, advice is usually given as to where the client can go which is more appropriate for them.

Who is it for?

For the month of February TPM Chiropractic is offering Free appointments for Townsville City desk workers. Essentially, it is for everyone.

So how does Chiropractic help?

Chiropractic is the process of using gentle adjustments delivered by hand to correct the alignment of the joints in the spinal column. This in turn takes the pressure off the nerves that run through it, which are what controls the function and wellness of our body. Here are our top 5 benefits of TPM Chiropractic 

What’s the catch?

Quite simply, there’s none.

Everything we do during the spinal screen is free and there is absolutely no obligation to take things further afterwards. We love the benefits and results gained from TPM Chiropractic and we simply want to share these with our neighbouring city employees. We want to offer the opportunity for everyone to be able to get out of pain and live their lives to the maximum.


Townsville Chiropractic Spinal Assessment


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