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  With the outer limits trail running series about to kick off for 2022 it’s a great time to talk trail running. Compared to road running, trail runners are arguably exposed to greater physical demands. Yes, a trail runner is just running however they are more frequently climbing and ascending hills, running in rough terrains […]

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How to spot fatigue In young athletes    As a coach and practitioner I often work with younger athletes (and their parents) in achieving their sporting potential and the goals they set out for themselves. A common and notorious issue that I see in practice is athlete fatigue also known as athlete burnout. This can […]

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    When should kids start Strength Training? Strength training is a fundamental aspect of training for virtually all athletes or individuals looking to boost their performance. Whether you’re a power-based athlete that needs to be really strong to perform at your best or you’re an endurance athlete looking to boost performance and reduce injury […]

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The NDIS has given you funds to access Physiotherapy services in relation to your NDIS goals but how do you choose a Physio? It is important for you to know how your NDIS plan is managed. If you are NDIS/Agency managed, then you can only access physiotherapists that are NDIS registered. Always make sure you […]

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Strength and conditioning training at its simplest form is the practical application of sports science to enhance movement quality. S + C is grounded in evidence-based research and physiology of exercise and anatomy. At The Physio Movement, we focus on preventing injury and developing better movement patterns to help athletes and patients  accelerate their career […]

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Being prepared For Sport or Work; How can Physio’s help me? Over the last few years we have been developing our understanding around the relationship between training load, life load and injury. We understand that your current ability to tolerate physical load is very important and this is commonly reflected by your overall strength and […]

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Posted on: Jun 1st, 2020 by The Physio Movement

TMJ treatment and Jaw pain is a specialisation at TPM Townsville  When our Jaw doesn’t work as it is supposed to, we develop a condition known as Temporomandibular Disorder or TMD.  Your Temporomandibular Joint, most commonly referred to as your TMJ, is the most used joint in the body. We use our Jaw to eat, talk, express feelings, […]

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Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis, affecting millions of people worldwide. It occurs when the protective cartilage that cushions the ends of your bones wears down over time. Although the damage to the joints can not be reversed, Osteoarthritis symptoms can be effectively managed through exercise, remaining active, and maintaining a healthy […]

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Benefits of Remedial Massage  Pain or restricted movement can drastically reduce our quality of life. Old injuries, accidents, repetitive movements and tension from everyday stresses can readily take up residence in our bodies. Massage can help. Massage can relieve pain, restore range of movement and help heal certain conditions. By relieving stress it can energise […]

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Sponsored TPM Athlete Lauren Nugent  We are extremely proud of Lauren’s achievements at State championships in Cairns recently, where she took bronze in both the 800m and 1500m. Lauren has been working closely with Physiotherapist Connor and attends weekly strength and conditioning training at TPM performance.  Did you catch the latest article from Lauren within […]

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