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With the outer limits trail running series about to kick off for 2022 it’s a great time to talk trail running.

Compared to road running, trail runners are arguably exposed to greater physical demands. Yes, a trail runner is just running however they are more frequently climbing and ascending hills, running in rough terrains and coordinating directional changes.  

I see a far greater frequency of ankle and foot injuries from trail running compared to road running and this may be from the noted greater physical demands. For an athlete to perform well in their chosen field it is well understood they need to have the capacity to perform their objective.  Hence when rehabilitating or coaching trail runners I believe improving one’s ankle resilience is pivotal. Here are my top 4 ankle exercises which may make you a more robust trail runner. 

Exercise 1

Single leg depth jump onto foam

Exercises for Trail Runners


Single leg calf raise over step

Side hop over line


Y balance on foam


The above exercises reflect the demand of trail running, which is to react quickly to obstacles and changing terrain. These will combine strengthening with balance.

By doing exercises like these that strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments around your ankles, you’re giving your body a built-in defense against sprains and strains.

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