Benefits of Massage

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Benefits of Massage 

Pain or restricted movement can drastically reduce our quality of life. Old injuries, accidents, repetitive movements and tension from everyday stresses can readily take up residence in our bodies. Massage can help. Massage can relieve pain, restore range of movement and help heal certain conditions. By relieving stress it can energise us and renew our vigour.

Top 5 Benefits of Massage

  1. More Flexibility and Mobility 
  2. Reduce Pain
  3. Relaxes Muscles
  4. Eases Delayed Onset Muscle soreness
  5. Manages Anxiety and Stress

Flexibility and Mobility

Intense training can tighten and toughen the muscles, preventing them from stretching correctly; soft tissue massage at The Physio Movement, will improve muscular mobility and can correct imbalances, as well as releasing tensions from around the muscles.

Reduce Pain

Massage helps to relieve pain by removing the pressure build-up suffered from congestion and metabolic irritants. Sports massage can help to relieve pain, and will also assist further by the release of endorphins.

Relaxes Muscles

The most common reason people call to book a massage is to relax and to relieve tight muscles. The motions and pressures used in massage are fantastic for working out tight points and leaving the body feeling more flowing and loose. Deeper massage techniques and trigger pointing are great for relieving knots and tighter points which you can feel build up, most commonly in your back, neck and shoulders. This allows the muscles to function more freely, giving you more range of movement and general release and flow.

Eases ‘DOMS’

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness also referred to as ‘DOMS’, is the muscular discomfort experienced a day or two after a tough training session. The techniques used by qualified sports massage therapists will encourage blood and lymph flow throughout the body, which can help prevent muscle fatigue and encourage better oxygenation.

Manages Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and depression have rightly been brought to the forefront of health in recent years as we gain more understanding of both conditions. Each situation is unique and different levels of anxiety and depression can affect people in different way. Massage is a great way of grounding a client and offering some calm and understanding into somebody’s life. The touch and flowing motions of a massage therapist has been shown to have a calming effect on the client, and a big calming reaction on someone who has a busy and anxious mind. This coupled with a nice atmosphere and an understanding therapist can go a long way for someone to receive a bit of love and calm amongst what can be a difficult time. 


Massage Health benefits and private health funds

Depending on your cover and the fund, you may be eligible to claim benefits for massage therapy through our HICAPS facility at the time of your appointment. Funds will only pay benefits for treatments that incorporate remedial massage therapy, provided by massage therapists with relevant qualifications and an approved provider number.

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