5 unexpected reasons to do Pilates

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Mat Movement

Mat Movement at TPM is an effective cross-training workout and change up to your regular cardio or weightlifting session.

But the benefits of Pilates inspired training go far beyond simple core strength and flexibility. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, regularly practicing this total-body workout can ease back pain, improve bone density and boost heart rate.

1. You’ll have a better golf swing. 

We love to rotate the body, especially the spine. After sitting at a computer all day, the back needs to twist. Golfers and other athletes especially benefit from having a flexible spine that rotates with ease.

2. You’ll build better bones. Since you are laying down on a Mat (or Reformer), there is little to no pressure being put on the spine, reducing the risk of injury often seen in traditional impact exercises.

3. Your balance skills will improve drastically. As your balance skills improve and with the guidance of our trained Physio instructor, you’ll move to the more advanced exercises.

4. You’ll also strengthen your pelvic muscles. The core, or your “powerhouse,” is the foundation for every exercise in Mat Movement. You will activate your core prior to starting any exercise during class. The core is made up of several muscles including the muscles in the pelvic floor.

5. You’ll get some mindful exercise without the “OM.” Not every workout needs to begin and end with “om” to gain some of the benefits of mindful exercise. Mat Movement will help you to tune into your body in order to activate the muscles. You need to listen to the instructions carefully in order to be safe, and you need to pay attention to the feedback you are getting from the equipment.

At The Physio Movement, we run both drop in mat movement (pilates inspired classes) and progressive programs. As our movement classes are run by a Physiotherapist, our sessions are all HICAPS and Private Health claimable.

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