What is Chiropractic Treatment? TPM Chiropractic

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What is Chiropractic Treatment?
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At TPM Chiropractic Care we have segmented our Chiropractic treatment into 3 categories


  • Muscle activation, muscle tension, muscle spasms, muscle pains and aches, muscle stiffness, muscle strength and muscle weakness


  • Assisting in enhancing the connectivity and nerve signals that are transmitted between the brain and body. We work towards allowing the body to heal faster as the body can control and coordinate the healing more effectively and efficiently.
  • When you have pain, your body doesn’t actually work well


  • Assisting in the correction of misalignments, imbalances, joint restrictions, grinding,  ‘shifted’ bones, ‘slipped’ discs (disc protrusions), Scoliosis and forward head postures
  • At TPM we work closely with different athletes who need different adjustments, different workout routines, different recovery sessions, different muscles and different treatment. Every Chiropractic treatment at TPM is different.


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