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Workcover Townsville

Were you Injured at work and need Physiotherapy?

Often, workplace injuries can often be prevented, but not always unavoidable. Injuries can happen within the workplace, travelling to and from work, or while on your lunch break.

If you happen to Injury yourself and this falls under workcover, your Physiotherapy funding may come from different sources depending on your place of employment.

WorkCover Queensland

WorkCover Queensland is a government owned body that provides insurance covering workplace injuries. Employees with a workplace injury may be eligible to claim WorkCover Queensland benefits.

How to report a workplace Injury

  1. Report your injury/accident to your supervisor as soon as possible.
  2. Your employer will notify you of their insurance details, but most QLD companies will be insured through Work Cover QLD or call 1300 362 128.
  3. Arrange to visit your doctor and access a Workcover medical certificate
  4. Lodge your claim with Workcover

WorkCover Queensland will pay for 5 appointments initially, but only for patients with an approved claim. If patients need more than 5 physiotherapy sessions, your physiotherapist will discuss this with you and your WorkCover claims officer.

What do we require for your workcover claim?

  • Your approved claim number
  • Your Doctor’s Referral Letter
  • Your Doctor’s Medical Certificate.



Injury Net covers employees of Australia Post, Myer, Coles, Telstra, and Woolworths Liquor groups.

Once you have reported your injury to your workplace manager, they will send you to an InjuryNet registered General Practitioner (GP). For InjuryNet to cover the costs of physiotherapy services, the GP referral must come from a registered InjuryNet GP. You do not need an approved WorkCover Queensland claim or claim number. WorkCover will pay for 4 physiotherapy visits initially. If patients need more than 4 physiotherapy visits, they will need to file a WorkCover Queensland claim. Your workplace manager can guide you through this if needed.

Is The Physio Movement covered for Workcover Physiotherapy?

Yes, TPM is a registered Workcover and worksafe provider within QLD.


If you have any questions regarding Workcover Townsville appointments, contact us on 1300 876 348.

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