Why do I get burning feet?

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TPM Podiatry – Why do I get Burning Feet?

Burning sensations in your feet can be mild or severe and may be a sign that the nerves in the legs are damaged. Burning sensations can be accompanied by pins and needles, unusual sensations in the feet (paresthesia), numbness and pain. Often the sensations are worse at night and can interfere with sleep. Damage to the nerves in the legs and feet are referred to as peripheral neuropathy and burning sensations in the feet can be the first sign of this condition. There are many causes of peripheral neuropathy however the most common cause is Diabetes.

Peripheral neuropathy can progress from burning sensations to numbness. Numbness can lead to an inability to feel pain or injury to the feet, which can then lead to further complications such as pressure ulcerations and infections. Burning sensations that are caused by peripheral neuropathy can be difficult to manage, however it is important to have the cause identified and to prevent any further deterioration of the nerve fibres.

Peripheral neuropathy is not the only cause of burning feet. Certain sports and occupations can also contribute to the sensation of burning feet. In these cases, there may be some biomechanical considerations related to foot function that can increase the amount of friction between the soles of the feet and the surface they are walking or running on. Certain foot types can place additional pressure on the balls of the feet during walking and running. The increase in pressure after a period of time, can result in the sensation that the bottoms of the feet are burning. Usually stopping the activity and removing the shoes and socks is enough to provide immediate relief. Standing on cement floors for prolonged periods can also result in burning sensations on the bottom of the feet.

Correctly fitting footwear and footwear that is appropriate for the task or activity being performed are critical to preventing and managing burning sensations in the feet.

Podiatrists are experts in foot and lower limb health and will assess, diagnose and treat burning sensations in the feet. If have been diagnosed with Diabetes it is recommended that you undergo a foot health assessment at least every 12 months. A referral is not required to see a Podiatrist and you can book anytime with TPM Podiatry online or call 1300 876 348.


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