Top Tips for Weightloss through the use of Exercise

Posted on: Sep 28th, 2017 by The Physio Movement | Categories: Sports Medicine & Nutrition

 Recent studies have indicated that weightloss via exercise can be more beneficial than through diet. Exercise Physiologist Callum explains to you his thoughts on this study.

I could bet quite confidently that “weightloss” is the most googled term for health related topic. In Townsville alone the googled term weightloss per month is around 3000 searches. With unfortunately, exercise not trending very high within this topic.

So I will admit that of course what you eat has a significant impact on both your health and weight loss, with the common saying that 70% of weight loss is diet and 30% is from exercise. It seems that people assume that there best bang for buck for weight loss is to focus on their diet. Maybe people who are googling these queries have reasons why exercise might not be the best option, but I personally think it’s because people don’t understand the importance for HEALTH with exercise.

It’s been clinical shown in studies that for all course morality (death), it is more “unhealthy” to be inactivity than obese. Ideally it should be neither but from a likelihood of you coming to a sooner than planned end, being active should come first, followed quite closely with a diet change.

A recent study that furthered my passion on educating the importance of exercise for Weightloss and overall health and wellness is titled ‘exercise-induced weightloss is more effective than dieting for improving adipokine profile, insulin resistance and inflammation in obese men’ (2015).

The breakdown of the study is

Exercise induced weightloss is more health beneficial than dietary weightloss from

  • Insulin resistance is the underpinning factor to the cause of diabetes type 2, a very common progressive disease with many complications. By losing the weight with exercise this can improve your insulin sensitivity and help prolong the progression of the disease.
  • Adipokine profile just means the make-up/level of different proteins that are influenced to adipose tissue (fat), so improving this profile means more good and less bad, similar to when you talk about peoples cholesterol profile as there are good and bad cholesterols!
  • Inflammation is as it is, and linked with this adipokine profile as more adipose tissues there are on a body, more related inflammatory responses & inflammatory related by-products go on.

It could also be said simply if you had to go and tell all your friends about what you just learned is that there are vital process’ on the body that are ONLY triggered through stimulating physical activity, including ones that keep us healthy and vital for life.

This study was purely looking at weight loss via exercise compared to diet for similar caloric deficit. This is by no means a diet bashing article, its more about giving exercise the attention it deserves and its fair share of the spotlight when it comes to weight loss.


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