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Crossfit Physiotherapist Townsville


For any  Crossfitter, nothing damages progress and motivation more than forced time off due to an injury. At TPM we are passionate about Physiotherapy combined with functional Crossfit movements.  As functional Physiotherapists we understand philosophy, terminology and lifestyle requirements of Crossfit. As athletes ourselves, we  understand  firsthand the frustration experienced when an injury holds you back from reaching your crossfit and functional movement goals.

At TPM Physiotherapy Townsville we are passionate about Sports Physiotherapy and are highly qualified and experienced in treating Crossfit athletes both in our clinic and at competitive events.

Crossfit develops fitness very quickly due to the high intensity and technical movements being performed. From this Crossfit often receives a bad rap as risk of injury is higher than average. This is contributed to by an accumulation of fatigue, repetitive improper technique, insufficient warmup and often excess stress.

Crossfit involves repetitive heavy functional movements executed at high intensity. With effective Crossfit coaching, monitoring  and technique correction, movements can be performed efficiently and optimally.

That’s when a Physiotherapist can assist with Crossfit and Crossfit athletes.

Physiotherapy and Crossfit come hand in hand. TPM Physiotherapy allows you as an athlete to remain at the top of your game whilst allowing you to modify training and still see results.  We can do this by preventing forced time off due to injury or by improving mobility, and positioning. If presenting with an acute injury, our  Townsville Physiotherapists can diagnose and treat aches and pains, provide education regarding the diagnosis and deliver an individualised exercise program. Further, with their vast knowledge of body biomechanics and physiology, a TPM Crossfit physiotherapist can:

  • Assess and improve range of motion restrictions 
  • Correct movement and positional dysfunctions
  • Establish your  most efficient movement patterns for Crossfit specific movements.

Physiotherapy also ensures the provision of extensive education regarding your presenting condition, background of condition and prognosis. 

The most common Crossfit injuries treated by our TPM Physiotherapists tend to be:

  • Shoulder and rotator cuff issues
  • Lower back and postural dysfunction pain
  • Anterior knee pain; with the wrist, neck, hip and patella (knee cap).


It is our goal here at TPM to help all Crossfit athletes achieve optimum results through continuation of training and movement, therefore we do not often suggest ceasing training. Instead, we detail scaling and regression options to keep athletes doing what they love. In terms of information referral, TPM Physiotherapists  frequently collaborate with coaching staff and trainers to update, discuss and advise of options and recommendations for workouts.

So how does TPM Physio Townsville help Crossfit athletes?

  • An in-depth assessment and slow motion video analysis of common movement patterns and technique
  • Assessment of muscle weakness, postural and muscular asymmetry, mobility and range restriction
  • Diagnosis and ongoing management for acute, sub-acute and chronic injuries (and the necessary referrals/specialist recommendation)
  • The use of various treatment modalities for immediate pain relief (dry needling, soft tissue release, mobilisation, trigger point, heat/ice therapy)
  • Taping advice and application if necessary
  • Personalised rehabilitation/ strength programs to assist recovery and prevent re-injury
  • Education on technique, grading/progressing programming, diagnosis and steps to prevent further problems, injury timelines, self monitoring techniques, advice for detecting future issues before they lead to injury


If you’re a Crossfit participant and looking for a Crossfit Physiotherapist in Townsville who can assess you in a gym environment and ensure you are at prime athletic performance capacity contact TPM Physiotherapy Townsville today.


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