Correct Technique for Rolling an ITB

Posted on: Jul 12th, 2017 by The Physio Movement | Categories: Sports Medicine & Nutrition

We have noticed of late that many health practitioners have been creating content and informational videos giving incorrect information. We think its time to stir up a little controversy and conversation here on TPM fitness blog.  Not negative controversy, just intellectual and polite conversation.

For most athletes, runners and cyclists in particularly, the ITB is the source of much grief. As a form or Self-therapy, many professionals in the fitness industry will instruct clients to foam roll their IT band. For anyone with worked muscles, foam rolling hurts right, but since no pain means no gain, it must be doing some good?  Possibly, but probably not so much for the actual IT band. The Vastus Lateralis, which resides largely underneath the ITB, could actually derive the most benefit from foam rolling directly on top of the IT Band. Additionally, rolling directly onto the ITB will push the IT band into that Vastus Lateralis, causing them to get even more stuck together than they already are, with the result being greater tension within that area of your body.

How to relieve your ITB effectively?

As shown in the video above, Physiotherapist Shane suggests that instead of foam rolling the actual IT band, the most benefit is derived from working to strengthen and stretch the muscles surrounding it. This will aim towards getting the ITB unstuck from the underlying muscle and fascia. We have seen highly effective results from clients utilising this method for ITB concerns.

So, if you are having ITB concerns, give this a try utilising the video above and if you are still witnessing pain please come in and see us!


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