Controlled Articular Shoulder Rotations

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Controlled Articular Shoulder Rotation



Controlled Articular Rotations (CARS) utilises active rotation movements at outer limits of motion of each individual joint in order to stimulate articular adaptations, indicate neurological control of the outer ranges for improved joint stability and kinaesthetic awareness.

These movements help to identify current movement limitations and prepare the body for more complex neurological movements. These include movements  such as those required for sports performance under increasing resistance or in competitive environments such as Olympic Lifting, Cross Fit, Power Lifting, Strong man, and Bodybuilding. Also Mixed Martial Arts and sports such Tennis, Golf, Soccer and Football to name a few. 

The Shoulder

The joint capsule has a high number of mechano-receptors (receptors that detect movement) and they are the first type of tissue to perceive motion and provide valuable feedback to the brain on how that joint is moving. As practitioners, we look to determine whether these compensations are necessary to achieve the desired motion or are in fact contributing to or leading towards the path of injury. 

Example: the Glenohumeral (Shoulder) joint for athletes required to reach end range of overhead flexion in movements such as overhead press, a snatch, a handstand, rock-climbing or free-style swimming stroke. It is necessary to have good mobility; being in control through these ranges of motion, rather than flexibility; uncontrolled range of motion. 

By maximising the capsular activation, we aim to improve neural training and control of motion before moving on to add further load, functional to the sport or activity you wish to train. 
This is only a part of the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) system, the next phase would be to move onto Progressive and Regressive Articular Isometric Loading protocols specific to your demands to increase ranges if necessary or stabilize and control these newly acquired ranges.

Sports performance aside, Controlled Articular Rotations promote good joint health and longevity, which is something we should all be striving to achieve. 

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