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Posted on: Nov 30th, 2017 by The Physio Movement | Categories: Sports Medicine & Nutrition

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‘Back to School’ Foot Health program with TPM Podiatry

At TPM Podiatry we have introduced a ‘Back to School’ foot screening program. The program identifies foot conditions in children, which may be linked to coordination, clumsiness, tiredness, irritability and pain in the feet or legs.

Getting it right in the early years for our Children

During the early growing years of our children, its vital that we  allow them to attain correct lower limb alignment, otherwise the consequences can be detrimental later on as they grown. There can numerous reasons why children may have a poor lower limb alignment, and one of the most common is incorrect structural alignment of our feet. If this poor alignment is not corrected with appropriate footwear or even orthotics (for more severe cases), this makes our children  vulnerable to suffering various injuries as they grow into teens and then onto adults.

Making a right start for your child is having the correct footwear.

Our FREE ‘Back to School’ program includes:

  • FREE Foot assessment
  • FREE walking assessment
  • FREE recommendations for best shoe matches

Our program is designed to target the specific areas of gait analysis, correct shoe fitting, coordination and body alignment. During your appointment your TPM Podiatrist will interact with your children to make it as fun and relaxed as possible. These screenings are at no cost and spaces are limited due to the high demand.

If you would like to get your child off to school on the right foot, contact TPM Podiatry on 1300 876 348 to book your appointment or ask any questions you may have regarding our screening.

We look forward to assessing your children to maximise their foot health.


Reserve your spot now or call 1300 876 348


” When I visited TPM Podiatry I had no real expectations on what we would gain from our appointment. Our Podiatrist Chris connected immediately with our 6 year old son and made him feel at ease with her foot examination. Prior to my appointment at TPM I had never taken ‘foot type’ into consideration when purchasing my sons shoes and always purchased based on appearances. Chris was able to educate me on the correct shoe type for my Sons foot which I now know will create healthier foot health later on in life – Thank you Chris.”  Sarah, Happy mum of 2 boys

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