Posted on: Oct 13th, 2017 by The Physio Movement

TPM Podiatry – Why do I get Burning Feet? Burning sensations in your feet can be mild or severe and may be a sign that the nerves in the legs are damaged. Burning sensations can be accompanied by pins and needles, unusual sensations in the feet (paresthesia), numbness and pain. Often the sensations are worse […]

Posted on: Oct 13th, 2017 by The Physio Movement

TPM Chiropractic – Top 5 benefits of a Chiropractic adjustment.  Chiropractic adjustments with TPM Chiropractic There are endless reasons why clients  decide to seek TPM  Chiropractic Care in Townsville. You may be treated and adjusted for headaches, low back pain, neck pain, range of motion, or anything in between. There are numerous ways that spinal adjustments can […]

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  TPM Fitness with Exercise Physiologist Callum How can exercise improve Mental Health, come behind the scenes of Exercise and Mental health with TPM Exercise Physiologist Callum.  So with it being mental health month, I would like to explore how exercise can benefit those suffering with a mental health concern. Firstly, I would like to […]

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TPM Podiatry  Is it normal for children to walk on their toes? Children who toe walk or walk on their toes are commonly seen by a Podiatrist and Toe walking can be seen from toddlers beginning to walk through to adolescents. While it is normal for children to begin walking on their toes, this would […]

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  TPM Podiatry with Chris Weber – 8 Things you need to know about Heel Pain 1- Did you know that heel pain, or pain in the heel bone of the foot is one of the most common foot complaints seen by a Podiatrist and  TPM Podiatry. The prevalence of heel pain increases as we […]

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Incontinence and Womens Health Physiotherapy Townsville  Types and Causes of Incontinence: Incontinence is the accidental or involuntary loss of urine from the bladder (urinary incontinence), or bowel motion (faeces) or wind (flatus) from the bowel (faecal or bowel incontinence). Stress Incontinence Townsville is urine leakage during physical exertion or effort from weak or tried pelvic floor […]

At TPM Chiropractic  Townsville,  a common concern presented is the debilitating pain people witness with a Cervicogenic Headache – or as they describe it stress headache or tension headache. Blinding Pain Often, we have patients that come to TPM Chiropractic presenting with what is known as a Cervicogenic headache. For those of you playing at […]


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