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Is it normal for children to walk on their toes?

Children who toe walk or walk on their toes are commonly seen by a Podiatrist and Toe walking can be seen from toddlers beginning to walk through to adolescents. While it is normal for children to begin walking on their toes, this would usually disappear after 6 months or so of walking. Toe walking is described as walking from the toes or ball of the foot (forefoot) from one foot to the other with the distinguishing feature of not making any heel contact on the ground on either foot. Sometimes toe walking occurs all of the time and other times it may be inconsistently occurring.

Toe walking can be a symptom of underlying neurological and psychological conditions such as cerebral palsy and autism. It can also commonly present as an isolated symptom. Some important considerations include the presence of any other developmental delays such as speech and hand-eye coordination. If walking on the toes is occurring on one foot only, there may be other factors to consider including pain (such as heel pain which causes the child to protect the heel and walk on the toes on that foot) or structural foot abnormalities that are restricting the movement of the ankle on the effected side.

Treatment options for Children who Toe Walk

There are many treatment options available for toe walking in children, however the cause of toe walking needs to be thoroughly investigated prior to devising a treatment plan. Treatment can include working closely with Physiotherapy treatment to assist with lengthening and strengthening the muscles in the lower leg, casting and bracing of the foot and leg, foot orthotics or gait retraining. In some cases it may be necessary to use muscle relaxants or surgical intervention.

So while there are many things to consider for children who walk on their toes, the most important thing is to have it checked by a health professional.

Children who persist with walking on their toes for more than 6 months after first learning to walk, should be seen by a Podiatrist who are experts in foot and lower leg health.

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