Posted on: Feb 26th, 2019 by thephysiomovement

Overtraining and Periodisation Whether participating in an individual or team based sport, most people are engaging in some form of strength and conditioning program to complement their chosen sport in order to improve, and ultimately, excel. It is important for these training programs to incorporate strength and conditioning principles such as periodisation (dividing a program […]

Posted on: Feb 18th, 2019 by thephysiomovement

How to Avoid a Tennis Shoulder Injury The anatomy of the Rotator Cuff The rotator cuff is a term given to a group of four specific muscles and tendons that act to provide strength and stability of the shoulder joint during multi-directional movement and loading of the shoulder joint. These muscles also act to maintain […]

Posted on: Feb 14th, 2019 by thephysiomovement

Published by Adaptive Human Performance  Holding Hands In refining time trial performance, we often obsess over position consistency and the effect that it has on aerodynamic efficiency. Equipment choice and setup options are vital considerations in achieving desirable outcomes, but success all comes back to the hand hold of the athlete. Collectively, our wedge solution […]

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Back to Life is a specifically designed program to assist Townsville locals living with Back Pain. The program is designed to assist Chronic Back Pain diagnosis: Facet joint sprains Disc injuries (disc herniation, degeneration, bulge) Fractures Non specific lower back pain Nerve damage (sciatic, pudendal) General low back pain The focus is on regaining strength and control […]


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