Why Diets Do Not Work?

Posted on: Apr 3rd, 2017 by The Physio Movement | Categories: Sports Medicine & Nutrition

‘It is not so much reaching a certain weight loss that’s difficult, it is maintaining that weight loss over a period of time that is the real challenge’ (Belinda Brown – Food Coach TPM)

In today’s technology and everything we know about health and lifestyle, why are we in the middle of an obesity epidemic. We are poorly educated about food and often resort to ‘fad diets’, which simply don’t work.


  1. Research shows that rapid weight loss causes mass muscle losses compared to the slow steady weight loss encouraged at TPM). Muscle is better at burning off calories than fat is. Therefore, if you have less muscle, less energy will be used and so the weight will begin to increase again.
  2. Dieting causes weight fluctuations known as yo-yoing.
  3. Dieting often leads to binge eating.
  4. Encourages unsustainable behaviors.
  5. Leaves people lethargic that will affect enthusiasm for work and exercise.
  6. Diets are boring and not enjoyable, people don’t stick to things they don’t enjoy.
  7. Takes the enjoyment out of eating.
  8. Psychologically, dieting creates negative association between food and exercise e.g. ‘I have to exercise if I eat that’
  9. Diets don’t address the deeper emotional reasons for overeating, therefore don’t target the heart of the problem and therefore don’t get results. These will include factors like stress, anxiety and depression.
  10. Dieting decreases our metabolism.
  11. People actually don’t know how to diet.

At TPM we encourage healthy sustainable eating and not a restrictive fad diet. For your initial assessment please contact us and take advantage of this special offer.

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