Weight training for fat loss and muscle gain 

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Weight training for weight loss and muscle gain, are they different, or are they the same?

There is a lot of false and misleading information out there and when it comes to training for body composition changes, there are many personal opinions out there.

Learning how to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time isn’t easy. But according to experts it can be done.

Firstly, appropriate diet and training are key. It is always advised that you should seek out a good nutritionist, dietitian, and strength coach to assist you. When it comes to dieting, we know there is a large mental aspect that comes with eating for your goal, so seeking the right assistance is vital in getting this right. In addition, people invest a lot of time into training without seeing results, which is simply a result of the program not being favorable for the individual. So please seek the right professional advice and assistance, and the results will come quicker. 

Top things to consider when trying to gain muscle mass.

  1. Eat enough

Again, diet is key! Make sure you have enough calories and the right amount of macronutrients to provide an environment that inflates muscle growth. Second, to that, it is just as important to understand the vitality of appropriate weight training. 


  1. Be mindful of your amount of cardio training

Overtraining will affect your ability to grow muscle. The reason being is that it may actually mean that you aren’t getting enough calories, in comparison to your energy output. Secondly, too much cardio may affect your ability to lift weight at a high enough load to stimulate muscle growth. 


  1. Weight training

A training frequency where muscle groups are targeted two times per week is suggested by most research. This will likely lead to you doing a split that resembles something like: legs, push, and pull. The suggested amount of sets per session per body part is around 8-10. 

Muscles grow to a stimulus of stressful tension that involves progressive overload. It must be challenging, and you must progress.

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