The Importance of warming up – Can this enhance your performance?

Posted on: May 30th, 2018 by adminva | Categories: Sports Medicine & Nutrition

Join Exercise Physiologist Callum as he explains the benefits Warming Up could have on your performance


Warming up before a run is essential for several reasons. It helps prepare your body for the physical demands of running, reduces the risk of injury, enhances performance, and improves overall workout effectiveness. Here are some key reasons why warming up is important:

  1. Increased blood flow: Warming up increases your heart rate, promoting the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. This helps loosen them up, making them more pliable and ready for the upcoming physical activity.

  2. Muscle activation: A proper warm-up routine activates the muscles you’ll be using during your run. It helps stimulate nerve impulses, enhances coordination, and improves muscle recruitment, allowing for better performance and reduced risk of strain or overuse injuries.

  3. Improved joint flexibility: Warming up through dynamic stretching or mobility exercises helps increase the range of motion in your joints. This can help prevent muscle imbalances and reduce the likelihood of joint-related injuries.

  4. Mental preparation: Warming up mentally prepares you for the run ahead. It allows you to focus your mind, increase concentration, and set a positive mindset, enhancing your overall performance and enjoyment of the activity.

  5. Injury prevention: Engaging in a proper warm-up routine helps reduce the risk of injuries by preparing your body for the demands of running. It gradually increases your heart rate and body temperature, which improves muscle elasticity, making them less prone to tears, strains, or sprains.

  6. Performance enhancement: A thorough warm-up primes your body for optimal performance. It increases your energy levels, improves reaction time, and enhances muscle contractility. This can result in improved speed, endurance, and overall running efficiency.

A typical warm-up routine before a run may include light cardio exercises like jogging or brisk walking, followed by dynamic stretching, such as leg swings, high knees, or walking lunges. The duration of the warm-up can vary depending on your fitness level and the intensity of your run.

Remember, warming up is a crucial part of any exercise routine, including running. It not only helps prevent injuries but also enhances your performance, making your runs more enjoyable and effective.


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