Poor Nutrition linked to Chronic Disease Townsville

Posted on: Apr 3rd, 2017 by The Physio Movement | Categories: Sports Medicine & Nutrition

Poor Nutrition and rising rate of Chronic Disease

Nutrition is a major reason for the rising rates of chronic disease in Townsville. These diseases can include diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, obesity and depression.

Our country is hugely overfeed with poor nutrition and classified in the top 4 fattest countries in the world.

Being overweight is linked to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor glucose/insulin relationships and early plaque formation within our arteries resulting in many Chronic Diseases.

Our diet and Nutrition is heavily reliant on easily accessible fast food, processed grains and high sugar food, which when not utilised is deposited as fat stores. Unhealthy diets (no healthy fats, processed foods, inadequate greens) can do the following:

  • Increase plaque formation linked to chronic heart disease
  • Cause chronic insulin spikes resulting a pancreatic fatigue and diabetes
  • Weaken immune response and hormonal levels leading to depression, stress and decreased sex drive
  • Alter leptin/ghrelin response

How Healthy eating improves your Cardiovascular System

  1. Eating fruits and colourful vegetables from good sources helps the body gain antioxidants, which protects the heart and vessels from damage.
  2. Green tea contains properties that help decrease blood pressure and help the circulatory system to run smoothly.
  3. Nuts and almonds provide healthy sources of fats and vitamin E, which can reduce the harmful oxidisation of blood vessels, decreasing the risk of plaque formations.
  4. Fish, krill, flaxseed all contain health omega 3 fats, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties to keep blood moving smoothly though the vessels.
  5. Iron rich foods are great for the blood e.g. lean beef, beans and green vegetables which a low inflammatory foods.


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