Mens Mental Health – 6 Tips to promote mental wellbeing

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Men are known for bottling things up. But when you’re feeling down, taking action to call in extra support is the responsible thing to do.

More than 45% of Australians ages 16-85 years of age have experienced mental illness at some stage in their lives, yet on average 65% of people who are struggling with mental illness don’t take serious steps in seeking help to improve their situation for numerous reasons.

Statistically men are less likely than women to seek help professionally, despite the fact that the rate of mental health disorders between the sexes are roughly the same. We know this because men only make up 40% of government subsidised mental health services in Australia – meaning there are a large number of men in Australia aren’t seeking help when they should or could be.


6 Tips to promote mental wellbeing

  1. Develop and maintain strong supportive relationships with your partner, children, family and friends. We are social animals, and the people in our lives are our most important asset. Looking after your relationships requires time and care.
  2. Find someone you can talk to and who will listen. This can be someone from your family or outside such as a mate, work colleague or a professional. We all need someone to talk to when life gets tough. For many men, this might be the greatest challenge, as in tough times we tend to isolate ourselves and try to go it alone.
  3. Broaden your interests and do things you enjoy. There is more to life than work. So much of a man’s identity and sense of worth is linked to his work and what he contributes to his family and society. Engaging in hobbies and sport adds to our lives.
  4. There is a link between physical and mental wellbeing. When one is not functioning the rest of the system is affected. By taking care of our bodies, we take care of our minds. Think about your lifestyle. Eating well, exercising regularly, drinking in moderation, are proven strategies for health.
  5. Listen to what you are telling yourself. So often when we are under pressure, our thinking turns negative. We may worry, blame others, feel hopeless, and not want to take responsibility. Notice these signs to reduce your negative thinking.
  6. Ask for help and don’t go it alone. This may be a challenge for men. Many of the messages we receive are about standing on your feet and solving your problems. Some things we can manage alone, but there are some things we can’t. Knowing the difference is another important skill.



Lets reframe the message of Mental Health

Recent research has shown that rephrasing terms and aims with men can improve outcomes and increase the likelihood of men continuing mental health support interventions. Discussing issues in a more goal and solution centred manner, whether its exercise intervention or psychological can greatly increase the likelihood of the message being received in the right manner.


If yourself, a friend or a loved one is experiencing mental health issues help is only a phone call away. There are numerous men’s support groups and helplines to start the process of getting help such as MensLine Australia. Another great place to start if by booking in with your General Practitioner and getting an individualised plan started.




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