Mens Health Week Webinar ~ Keeping Men Healthy

Posted on: Jun 17th, 2020 by adminva | Categories: Sports Medicine & Nutrition

Mens Health Week

To mark the beginning of Men’s Health Week 2022, we are resharing a valuable conversation that The Physio Movement Director Shane Brown and TPM NQ Director Connor McKay hosted, “Keeping Men Healthy” Webinar.
The webinar included five highly successful panelists:

Keeping Men Healthy, is full of lively conversation, sharing rich experiences and knowledge whilst showcasing innovations and solutions that support men both personally and professionally. It dives into a number of topics surrounding Men’s Health; mental health and managing male personalities.

Why do we need to place an importance on mens health?

If you would like to talk further about Mens Health at The Physio Movement, you can contact us confidentially here. 



You may find 6 Tips to enhance your mental health a valuable resource.

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