Lower back pain from a Chiropractic perspective

Posted on: May 21st, 2017 by The Physio Movement | Categories: Sports Medicine & Nutrition

Approximately 70- 90% of the Australian population will suffer with lower back pain at least once during their lifetime.

So where does lower back pain come from? 

Herniated discs – when the disc becomes week and rips or tears open, material can leak out. If this material puts pressure on a nerve or the spinal cord itself, then you can experience a lot of pain. Sometimes it affects the sciatic nerve and runs down the back of the leg causing pain.

Strains – Pulling a muscle due to overuse or strenuous activity .

Degenerative discs – the disc narrows between the vertebrae.

There are numerous causes of lower back pain. Some are more serious than others and this is why visiting our in house Chiropractor Dr Shae, so she can find out the exact source.

A little bit of Anatomy

The spine is made up of 24 freely movable vertebrae (also known as bones) with discs in between each bone, except in the upper neck (cervical) region. Discs are soft cartilage which act as spacers between the bones in our spine. Most people refer to the discs as shock absorbers, but this is not entirely true. The actual curve acts more like the shock absorber. When the curve is increased and or decreased, the discs get too much stress/pressure upon them and they start to wear (degenerate) and may even bulge or herniate.

What can I do as a lower back sufferer?

Whenever you have lower back concerns, its best to book in with Chiropractor Dr Shae as soon as the pain arises. It is best to be proactive with your health care, as it is actually cheaper in the long run to stay healthy than it is to ‘get’ healthy once sickness strikes. When a patient visits our clinic for a Chiropractic examination, Chiropractor Dr Shae will figure out where the actual source of your pain is coming from and develop an individualised and specific plan to get you back to peak wellness.

We don’t like to see people in pain, please call our friendly clinic today on 1300 876 348 to book your chiropractic appointment.

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