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Posted on: Jul 16th, 2023 by The Physio Movement | Categories: Sports Medicine & Nutrition

Health Fund Extras – Townsville

If you Don’t use it, you Lose it

If you are like us at TPM, busy people, then I’m sure the year has flown by for you too quickly – where did the time go? Whilst we gear up for Christmas there is also another thing we could be saying goodbye to as the year ends – our Private Health Insurance benefits for the year!

Health Fund Extras

What are you NOT using that you have already paid for? Most people will pay $100+ per person monthly to be covered for Private Health Insurance. If you’ve paid $1200+ a year doesn’t it makes sense to get value by utilising the benefits of your cover?

At TPM we accept Private Health Insurance for Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Training + Fitness (Exercise Physiology), Running analysis, Bike Fitting, Sporting performance training, Clinical Mat Movement (Pilates)

How does your yearly benefits work? All health funds are different, but generally, funds will recharge at the end of the year*.  Recharge means, it DOES NOT roll over, and you are paying for services not used.  For example, if your Chiropractic and Physiotherapy limit is $500 and you don’t use any one year, you still only have $500 next year, it does roll over to give you $1000.

At TPM we believe Prevention is better than a cure

Today, we ask you to slow down, spare a few moments and make health a priority to begin the new year injury and pain free! If there is a niggling concern that has been bothering you, why not have it assessed, use your coverage and not wait until it becomes painful and time costly.

Why? We forget that we’ve had our bodies our entire lives and they never get a day off! By the age of 40 that’s 14600 days of living, so of course, we need to be maintained regularly. If you purchased a brand new car and drove it 100,000 km without a service, would you expect to have a problem?  And once you had a problem, would you expect it to be a quick, cheap fix?

The more you maintain, the less treatment you need, and the less you pay.

Don’t forget about the kids too! We are in our last few weeks of school for the YEAR! It’s a great opportunity to use your health fund to have your Children’s health checked; sporting aches and pains assessed, or even create a fitness program for the holidays, or enhance sporting performance for next year.

Act Now Take 30-45 minutes out of your busy calendars in the next week to do what you’ve been putting off all year.

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*All health funds differ, please check with your own provider when your rollover date is. 

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