Stent Card – Senior Physiotherapist

Stent joins The Physio Movement team as a senior physiotherapist with an abundant of experience in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy. His main focus is to work with you, and to help you understand and feel in control of your condition/injury. Having experience with numerous professional level athletes in a variety of sports, alongside being a level two strength coach and an avid participant in his own sporting pursuits, Stent is able to take you from the rehabilitation setting through to return to performance.

Stent is currently completing his Masters of Physiotherapy, along with completing numerous other courses aimed at managing the sporting population, and has a strong desire for keeping up to date to bring you the most effective physiotherapy treatment.

In addition to being a published writer in Men’s Muscle and Health, Stent has gained knowledge internationally spending time at NZ rowing and Eric Cressey Baseball Performance centre in America.

Stent’s passion is in helping you build a resilient body that can handle any task you throw at it.

Stent is available for private one-on-one, GLA:D sessions, and small group supervised gym sessions, contact TPM to book your appointment.

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