5 Tips to assist with a Pain Free Back

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1. Work on Your Posterior Core

Your core comprises both abdominal and back muscles. Generally, most people have stronger abdominal muscles. Spend more time on the muscles in your back when you are at the gym.

2. Practice Endurance Over Strength

Focus on getting more repetitions out of your back exercises than increasing the weight your are lifting. The “plank,” an isometric core exercise, is a great way to strengthen the muscles in your back.

3. Try the “Hip Hinge” Instead

When you’re bending down to lift something, make it a point to do the “hip hinge” while keeping your back straight. When you avoid bending your back, you will avoid most back injuries.

4. Wear Better Shoes

Shoes help your body and spine stay aligned. They should fit correctlty around your heel without being too tight, to avoid a bad walking or standing posture.

5. Get Up From Your Desk Regularly

Your lower spine is three times more stressed when you are sitting, compared to standing. Long periods of continued sitting can lead to chronic back conditions. Take a break from work every 30 minutes or so. Even a quick walk is enough.

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